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Mini Bio

  • 1968 Born Arcadia California
  • 1972 Moved to Paradise California
  • 1986 Graduated from Paradise High School
  • 1986 Operation Raleigh Cape York Expedition - Australia
  • 1987-92 United States Air Force 909th Air Refueling Squadron Okinawa Japan
  • 1992-94 United States Air Force 6518th Test Squadron Edwards Airforce Base
  • 1994 Awarded the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate
  • 1994 Awarded AS Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. College of the Air Force.

  • 1994 - 1996 Attended California State University, Chico. Took 30 Units of Economics and 30 Units of Industrial Technology
  • 1995 Elected Commissioner of Community Affirs, Chico State Associated Students.
  • 1996 Campain Manger - Beeler for Supervisor.
  • 1996-1998 Clerk - County of Butte Supervisor.
  • 1998 Awarded CompTIA A+ Certificate.
  • 1999 Awarded BS. General Science, Charter Oak State College Connecticut.
  • 1999 Awarded Certificates in Networking and Intenetworking. Heald Business College.
  • 1999 Awarded MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engeineer), Windows NT, Microsoft Corporation.

  • 2000 Awarded MS. Computer Information Systems Management, University of Pheonix.
  • 2000 Instructor of Computer Information Systems, Shasta College.
  • 2001-Present, Instructor of Computer Science, Butte College, California.
  • 2003-Present, Married to Medical Doctor
  • 2003 Started PhD in Computer Information Systems
  • 2004 Awarded CCNA (Cisco Certifed Network Associate), Cisco Corporation.
  • 2005 Awarded CCAI (Cisco Certifed Academy Instructor), Cisco Corporation.
  • 2006 Awarded MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator), SQL 7, Microsoft Corporation.

  • 2006 Completed PhD coursework, started disertation on a General Theory of Object Recognition.
  • 2008 Awarded MST (Microsoft Certified Trainer), Microsoft Corporation.
  • 2015 Self Studied Philosophy with Daughter.
  • 2016 Realized the nature of money and the developed the Theory of Perfect Money.
  • 2016 Designed the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) Protocol
  • 2017 Launched the CloudCoin Experiment based on the RAIDA.
  • 2017 Wrote: Beyond Bitcoin. The Future of Digital Currency
  • 2018 Launched RAIDA Tech.

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Lecturing on Perfect Money

Watch: Sean on Youtube. lecturing on "perfect money."


Sean and CloudCoin were Featured on Coast to Coast AM, The most listened to radio station in North America!

George Noory has been hosting

Coast to Coast AM for more than 13 years and is the star of the show. Weekend host Connie Willis, Crypto Connie of Blue Rock Talk that aired it. Sean was very honored to be on this show. "A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena. Coast to Coast AM is overnight talk radio with daytime ratings".

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